The Pros And Cons Of Spying On Your Employees

Being the boss is definitely the dream, but there are times when it can be difficult to manage employees. Given the fact that employees are mature people, there is a level of respect that is expected both ways that have to be shown for the work environment to be conducive.
Have you ever thought of spying? Maybe, maybe not. There are some free android spy app that’s available for you to try. The goal of spying on employees is to increase their productivity, work efficiency, and maintain a hospitable working environment.

The Pros

Time Management

By spying on them, you can easily tell whether or not your employees are wasting time during the work hours. There are some ways that they may take advantage of the workplace due to the lack of supervision.
Starting with social media platforms, something is always going on online. From silly jokes to important news, the internet is never running out of stuff to read.

Employees spying

This is a huge concern at work as it serves as a distraction and it can even affect your employees’ work productivity. An employee can spend close to about 2 hours online reading through posts and watching short videos, among others, all in the course of a day. Other than social media, they might also be spending too much time chatting via texts or making calls now and then about things that are unrelated to work.

Identifying Conflicts

Conflict is a default human setting, and at some point, it is bound to happen. Different reasons can cause conflicts to arise and most of them are grounded on the differences people have. Of course, most people are mature enough to agree to disagree, whereas others may have a hard time accepting the fact that there are people who feel differently or have a contradicting opinion.
Through spying, you can easily note down any brewing conflict in the workplace or even identify one that’s already existing. The most important thing at work is productivity, and most people can be civil enough to still work productively with each other. However, there are still others who may get too preoccupied with the conflict that they can no longer work as expected.

Employee Productivity

With the right information, you can easily tell where the problem lies. The information gotten from spying can help you assess the behavioural patterns that might have changed and are affecting work efficiency. The way you approach them is very crucial to solving issues. The employees should not feel that they are being attacked, but at the same time, it should still sound serious. Otherwise, they will have an attitude that is not going to help the work in any way.

The Cons

Invasion of Privacy

The act of spying is seen as an invasion of someone’s privacy. In the scenario that it’s an employee, you can’t spy on their phones unless they are using a company phone. A personal phone contains very important information that the person would want to keep private. The employer has no right to monitor what’s going on in their personal lives and their only concern should be the work lives of the employees during work hours.

The Loss of Trust

Trust can be difficult to earn back if the employees realise that their employer is spying on them. This is definitely a downside since it will affect the employer’s relationship with the employee. The invasion on what they are doing every minute that they are at work may make them feel like they have to act a certain way which will make them pretentious constantly.

Advantages and disadvantages of spying on company’s employees
The bottom line is that there are pros and cons. With the right approach and the right attitude, spying can be very beneficial. You would want to maintain a positive relationship that is moving forward. This means that it is okay to spy on the company cell phone issued to employees but not on their personal phones. This way, you can maintain an understanding with them that you are only interested in their work related activities and nothing else.